Morning Madness



Lovely LuLu decided to take a roll in the wet grass after her morning necessities. Silly wet girl thought she would sit on my lap! I said no. I think her expression says it all.

What do you see

A new large piece of textile painted fabric. Soft and crinkly quilted rayon.

What do you see in this piece? A tide pool? A forest? Tell me.

More stitching will be involved.

quilted rayon janicepainedawes dot com

A Tiny Little Art Start

Just a Note ATC_jpainedawes

A tiny start with some tiny art while I’m on intermission.  Our Arts in the Cards theme for June was music/rhythm.

My mother sang on  WDZ radio in Illinois as a young woman. I have stacks of her sheet music with much of it having damage. I used some for the background on these cards.  With Inktense pencils I illustrated the way I see a single melodious note.


We will now take a brief intermission.

It is time for some regrouping and redesigning of my blog, Etsy shop and the direction my art will be going.  I think if you forge ahead without an intermission, summer vacation or long weekend to breathe and recenter your life all kinds of things may happen that knock you off your path.

Recently I put the small gallery at the top right of my blog. WOW! It is that tiny gallery of thumbnails that gets the most clicks and views in my stats. If you have read this far, should you see something you want more information on, please send me an email at

Some art is in my under used Etsy shop,  HERE.

We will be returning without any words from sponsors!