Seashore Inspired Artist Trading Card


A line in the sand singleArts in the Cards group inspiration theme for December was Seashore. My cards are titled “A Line in the Sand”. I’m always fascinated when I get a chance to walk a beach at the seashore or the fresh water lake shores. There is always a line in the sand that catches all the detritus washed ashore. In the case of our water supply it isn’t always a pretty sight. The water may be murky and anything but crystal clear blue.  I am lucky that our beautiful White River where I live and the twin lakes that include Lake Bull Shoals are usually so clear you can see the fish swimming under the surface.

Though they turned out to be ‘pretty’ cards, the intent wasn’t to be pretty. I feel strongly about all the garbage that is thrown into our oceans, lakes and streams. I constructed the cards by collaging squares of fabric, with a vintage scarf layering. Then stitching, painting and embellishing. I wanted to illustrate that even though we can see shells and coral along with a line of seaweed along a saltwater beach, it is an indication of how we are killing our oceans and life is dieing to be washed ashore.

Its been awhile since I linked up with Off the Wall Friday, but I need to finish the year up right!

Losing Clutter, Gaining Creativity, and Walking the Walk


This de cluttering is a slow process. I’ve started it but seem to loose focus when there is a path in the stuff , both real and psychological. That allows a narrow window to create something small. Then it starts all over again. I need to make this a priority in my creative life. It will be life and soul changing.

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Putting my money where my mouth is  

When practicing slow stitching, it is sometimes easy to forget that the concept of “slowing down” in a comprehensive, life-affirming, and creative way is more than talking the talk. Stitching slow means more than just occasionally focusing on one or two tenets of The Slow Stitching Movement.

This past week, I put my money where my mouth is. I simply could no longer write my morning process pages, stitch with intention, take my three photos a day, etc. without committing to, or throwing a little action behind, all of the elements of the slow stitching philosophy that is designed to open and flex my creativity. That’s why I have decided to step up and get rid of everything in my studio that will not serve my greater creative purpose.


I have been collecting fabric, books, notions, threads, needlepoint canvas, linen, wool…

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Southeast Missouri 2014 Regional Juried Exhibit

I was honored to have Frog Water Shallows accepted into this general art exhibit . Notice I didn’t say quilt show. Click the link to see the list of accepted artists and some of their websites.

There has been a lot of talk on the Quiltart list about our work not being accepted as art. Some even said it must be framed to be art. Here’s proof that “It just Ain’t So!” Frog Water Shallows hangs from a slat with picture wire on each end. My friend Suzanne Thompson of Textured Words also had a piece hanging in this general art exhibit. She was able to attend the opening and graciously sent these photos.  The Gallery space looks wonderful!

frog water shallows at Cape Arts suzanne thompson a cape arts

Its a Giveaway! SAQA Urban Textures

I’m excited that the fabric is hitting stores. To celebrate and toot my own horn a bit, I’m having a giveaway. There will be 2 lucky winners!  I just know that when you see this fabric you will want more, more, more! If you do, it is available at eQuilter . I received a fat quarter packet of all the colors and designs and it is luscious.

There was one little glitch along the way when my name was misspelled on the selvedge. It was corrected on subsequent runs of the print, so if you buy some with “designed by Jane Paine Dawes”, that’s my mom and she had nothing to do with the design of the fabric, she just designed ME! Andover and Daryl, Luana and the whole team were great to work with.

To refresh your memory, here is the quilt I designed with the fabric so you can see the 3 colors. And a picture of some wonderful market bags Andover gifted me from Quilt Market. Each winner will receive one of these great bags and a fat quarter of each of the colors of my design from the collection.  All you have to do is post a comment and tell me what your next quilt project is going to be. Winners will be selected at random on 12/10/2014. By the way, for a free pdf download of my quilt, Out of the Concrete, go here!

.painedawes_out of the concrete


Sunshine Artist Trading Card

This month’s theme for my ATC, artist trading card, group is Sunshine. I can’t think of sunshine without thinking of shadows. And the one thing that says sunshine to me is a peanut butter kiss, they make sunshine in my mouth and make me smile.  So, because it was just Halloween I have been hoarding kisses and the papers they are wrapped in.  The papers became the base for the cards.

I covered the crinkled waxed paper with black ink and rubbed it off to highlight the crevices. Then I tore them unevenly to make the Ozark hills, used dyed dryer sheets and mulberry paper for the sunkissed sky, added dark tree trunks with the sunlight hitting them. You can see some of the view I see on drives in the fall.

Gallery show at the Library

 Here are a few shots from the show over the weekend. For a small show featuring 13 Art Odyssey artists there was a great turn out. In the past, I’ve done really large shows with a lot of costs that didn’t result in as many sales. Ron was really happy that his efforts paid off as studio assistant.  So here is an overall shot [we only had a 6 ft. table] and a detail shot of my little framed fragments.

table show copy