State of the Art at Crystal Bridges

All I can say is with the exception of a couple art works, this was an outstanding exhibit. The curators went around the USA to collect the work for this. Ron and I thought it was one of the best we have seen. Crystal Bridges has a world renowned collection of art in their permanent collections. We specifically went to see the State of the Art exhibition.  Click the link for information, videos, artist interviews and more from Crystal Bridges.

Upon entering the hall with the State of the Art exhibition, we were wowed by this gigantic art quilt. I wanted to post a photo of Ron standing in front of it so you could see the scale.  Gina Phillips, Fort Dirt Hole, 2013. She refers to her work as narrative imagery. It is fascinating to see a textile/fiber artist and how she works. It you have time watch the video posted on the Jonathan Ferrera Gallery Blog about her work. Scroll down about half way  until you see the link that says ‘see more artwork by Gina Phillips’. You will get to see inside her studio and hear in her own words what inspires her.

I’ll post more photos from the museum and grounds at a later date.


A4 Challenge Art Quilt

Lay down my Burden_JPaineDawes

One of my all time favorites that Elvis Presley sang is “Down by the Riverside”. And one of my favorite places to be is the calm and peace of the White River at sunrise and sunset. The light reflects on the water and the woods reflect back onto themselves. It is a great place to ‘lay your burden down’ and reflect on your life.

This is a hand dyed piece of textured cotton in browns and yellow on white. It was a perfect reflection. Trees and grasses are free form stitched in browns and colors. Accents of orange leaves, blue water and sky were done with Prismacolor pencils.

Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas

I’ll make a few posts on our trip this week, there is just way too much to post in one day. I don’t want to bore you.

I’ll start with some of the gorgeous fall foliage in these beautiful Ozarks.  Crystal Bridges has amazing trails and walkways that were carefully carved out of the hillsides with as little impact as possible. They are nearly seamless as they wind through the trees and streams. The walkways where they needed vegetation have been planted with native Ozark plants. Here are a few of them.

This is not the sun shining on the tips, but the fluorescent yellow green this plant turns in the fall. Perfect against the red of the hydrangea leaves.  All you eco dyers out there, don’t you want to get your hands on those leaves?


Arkansas Ansonia and Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Arkansas Amsonia and Oak Leaf Hydrangea




Full Urban Textures Quilt @ Market

I wasn’t sure about showing the full view of the quilt I made for market, but saw a couple on FB so assume it is OK to post this now.

I wanted a simple design that would showcase my fabric design and be beginning quilter friendly. Most of the colors come from the diverse value and color shifts of each colorway. There is a solid black, cobalt and red added to the mix.  I love this fabric and hope it sells well at market.

painedawes_out of the concrete

Do you believe this?

After Easter in 2013, the local Dollar General marked all the Paas Egg Dye down to a nickle.  I bought all that was left on the shelf to dye small amounts of wool and silk.   For a $2 investment I got a LOT of dye. When I got home I took it all out of the boxes to save space and put it away for safe keeping.

On more than one occasion I have torn this house apart, my studio, weaving shelves, dye room, bathroom, any place I could stuff or stick a box. Nothing. HA!  Those dyes must have gone into Holiday misfit heaven.

This morning I was cleaning off the shelf above the clothes dryer. I needed the shelf to store the feather pillow inserts I purchased for eco-dyed pillows. At the back of the shelf was the old blue granite pot I used before I got stainless dye pots. Guess where all those boxes have been hiding.  The mystery is solved, and  I can dye this winter with my new found wealth.

PAAS Medium Friends Easter Egg Decorating Kit


Urban Creep Fabric Design , Oh My!

I was thrilled to get my cuts of my design, Urban Creep,  in the Urban Textures Fabrics Collection from Andover Fabrics. I made a sample quilt for them to take to market. I also had to write instructions and that was not really easy. I don’t know Electric Quilt and I tried . I really tried. So the instructions are what I would use if I was giving a workshop on the quilt.  It is more of a plan than an actual pattern. The fabric is so unique that many quilts out of the fabric using the plan would not look alike.

Here is a close up of one section of the quilt.    The yellow and red are from the same fabric so you can see some of the color shifts and how versatile  each color way can be.  I used a design from Leah Day to quilt the piece with a modern motif.

Urban Textures Fabric, Urban Creep

New Eco and Rust dyeing Results

I have been totally slammed this month with deadlines and daily life. Part of the reason is that I have been going to therapy 3 days a week for back problems. Each of those days was a complete waste since I would be so tired afterwards I couldn’t think about making art.

Ron has been helping create in the dye room. He is as enamored of the serendipitous results as I am. So here are some photos of our results, they have been laundered and are on the drying rack, soon ready to go to new homes. Enjoy!

Remember…right click for a larger image to see details.


leaf dyed scarf dawes leaf dyed silk dawes silk rayon scarves dawes