Channeling Autumn

Eco Dyed silk background, embroidered leaf print, black acrylic worm holes.

Channeling autumn splendor a little early, but it is one of my favorite times of the year. This month’s theme for Arts in the Cards was leaves. I was going to do paper abstracts using leaves from antique books I keep for mixed media. But  since our bathroom remodel meant everything was stuffed in the studio, I haven’t been able to find a thing since the bath was reassembled!  I went through every box and drawer that could possibly have the books and they were no place to be found.

So, like I often do, I switched gears  and created a new design for my cards. They will be mailed to the traders encased in an onion skin paper envelope that was made from paper that had been sandwiched between pieces of silk being eco printed.

A4 Challenge Group Looky Looky!

This is a re- post since I wanted to introduce you to a new group that has come together from the QuiltArt List. We will do a challenge every 2 months. Here’s the address if you want to keep up with what we are doing.  (Yes, it is misspelled, my doing I’m afraid.)  My post is the first but others should start showing up in the next week,

Jeannie Sredl came up with our theme for the first challenge of “Off To The Races”. That could be interpreted many ways by the diverse group of artists in this group.  I think this quote says it all and should be the mantra of this new group.

The Race was on, the souls of the racers were in it. ~~ Lew Wallace, Ben Hur

Here is my offering in A4 size and a little about it. I wanted to challenge myself to use the mountains of hand dyed fabrics and threads I’ve been making. I started with only the fabrics in mind and no particular composition. That’s the way I work most of the time. I tell people I am seduced by the cloth as I let it morph into what it wants to be when it grows up.

I cut and pin, stitch, look at, stitch some more. When it starts taking on a shape I can see the meaning and how it relates to a theme I’m working from.  The quote on the piece is from Aditya Chandra:

Life is one race I never want to win, I’d rather stroll around enjoying the scenery.

Here it is, I hope you enjoy my scenery.

offtothe races copy

Janice Paine Dawes

Little Pink Worm

The best kind of little pink worm is on the end of a hook enticing a fish to bite it’s dinner, so I can have dinner!  But that isn’t the kind this is…but it looks like some kind of wiggly pink something or other doesn’t it?  This is a piece of snow dyed fabric from last winter’s dye days that was less than stellar.  So I worked for hours and hours stitching and wrapping resist patterns into it. It is in a dye bath of very stinky old walnut dye right now. The photo is a little fuzzy [caterpillar?] but I’m hoping for good things when it’s dyed, dried and untied.


I’m a Published Author! WOOO HOOO

Paper Art 2014  can be purchased from Interweave HERE.   I don’t know the date it will show up in stores. That’s my article on page 56. It came about when I had left over indigo in a vat after a day of dyeing. It was challenging writing instructions. I had to assume the reader didn’t know any of the steps and took it by baby steps so even a beginner can complete the project.


Page 56 ..that's me!

Page 56 ..that’s me!

Wrist Support the cheap way…

As many of you know, I have severe rheumatoid arthritis. Like all people with RA there are good days and days you have to push yourself to get out of bed. That makes it difficult to complete projects.  While in Tennessee at Arrowmont, Joan Morris showed us this great stuff that she wraps her fingers in when she is pulling shibori strings. I don’t know if it is her creative use of it or if it came from the hand therapist she uses.

I have used Nike Dry Fit women’s weight lifting gloves for support. This method is so forgiving  as you move but gives my tendons much needed support while trying to finish a project. It is adjustable and you can place it where you need support the most.  It is the stuff that horse ankles are wrapped with for support. Yes, you can buy it for humans in white at a much much higher price. The stuff for horses at our local feed store is $2.49 a tube and comes in really cool colors.  It can be unstuck and reused when you use it on your hands and wrists.  So, here are what my hands look like wrapped and ready to rumble…’errr quilt….

suppport 1 support

3rd Dip Day Persimmon Dye

After 3 dips in 3 days, this is the color card for the green persimmon dye. You can see the original fabric was very white. The literature on using persimmons says it makes fabrics water resistant and can be painted onto paper or fiber bowls. It was difficult to make the fabric soak up the persimmon after the first day and you could see the moisture bead on the linen piece.  The dupioni silk piece didn’t react and there was very little color change on day 2 so I didn’t bother on day 3. The deepest change was on the rayon piece and I found that same thing using indigo. I’m thinking that rayon is going to be my fabric of choice.

We will pick persimmons again in a week or so, right before they start to turn color and see if that pick makes a difference. In the meantime, I have some experimenting to do with painting on the juice with and without mordants to see what comes out.  I also haven’t tried stitching through this yet so more experimenting.

persimmon dip3